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Energy Seeker Plug&Play Inverters

The “Energy Seeker”, a product by Trivelli Energia, is a solar hybrid/off-grid inverter that is based on the use of a high frequency switching technology and offers significant potential to save energy for customers looking for environmentally friendly solutions to reduce the cost of electricity bill.

The Energy Seeker inverters are capable of controlling both the AC charger and the solar photovoltaic charger. In addition, the switching time of the supply program from grid to the off-grid power of less than 10 ms is ideal for computer systems and unique to high-efficiency solar systems.

Energy Seeker inverters can be interconnected in parallel to increase the overall energy system by simply adding another inverter.


• Pure Sine Wave Inverter

• Parallel connection capacity (optional)

• Wide range of input voltage (safe for PC and domestic appliances)

• Selectable battery charge

• priority logic AC / Solar defined by user

• compatible diesel generator

• Automatic restart after returning to AC voltage

• Protection against overload and short circuit

• intellingent charger

• Cold Start Function