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Trivelli Energia srl

Sede operativa 1 Via 1° Maggio 23 27042 Bressana Bottarone Pavia Italia

Tel. +39 0382 1855848 Fax +39 0382 1850848 Email info@trivellienergia.com P.Iva I03134520984

True experience

Trivelli Energia srl is a leading company in Italy and in Europe in the field of the generation of industrial process heat and solar cooling (3). With various systems installed already since 2009, we are so far the only reality that without incentives of any kind, succeeded in convincing the Italian customers to choose and install solar thermal concentrating systems based on the collectors Solar Wing EVO.

Since the end of 2013 we started a major process of internationalization of our business, particularly in the USA, MENA and Brazil, which has allowed us to grow our business and further enhance our technological know-how.

(3) Search Sun & Wind Energy p. 36-45 of 03/2014

Over the years thanks to its experience with foreign customers with special needs, we have created new products and new synergies that allowed also to support innovative products in the photovoltaic and solar thermal.

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