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   micro-CSP SolarWing Evo

SolarWing Evo

The micro-CSP technology from Trivelli Energia for the generation of process heat and solar cooling

In Europe about 70% of the energy consumed by industry is heat, most of this heat is required at temperatures below 250°C (1). Concentrating Solar power collector as our Solar System Wing EVO are the most appropriate and the more productive technology to generate, with the help of the sun, this huge amount of energy in a quickly, efficient and clean way.

According to the most recent and important market studies, the generation of industrial process heat systems by means of the micro-CSP has a potential for growth, calculated on a global scale, at least of a factor of 2500. In particular for Africa and the Latin America growth factor reaches values ​​even larger, amounting to 4600 by 2050 (2).

Industrial Process Heat is a new market full of challenges to which Trivelli Energia srl has been addressing addressed, since the last years, his research efforts and innovation.

Our parabolic trough concentrating solar collectors Solar Wing EVO have been designed with the aim to address the industry in order to ensure a valid response to the generation of process heat and solar cooling.

Easy to install, inherently safe against overheating, adaptable to a wide range of temperatures (80-250°C) and working fluids (pressurized water, steam, thermal oil) offer payback times in the order of 3-5 years, IRR of 30% and very limited running costs and maintenance.

The collectors Solar Wing EVO are 100% Made in Italy.

(1) Potential for solar heat in indutrial process, IEA SHC Task 33 Solar Paces and Task IV, 2008

(2) Small scale concentrated solar power, CARBON TRUST 2013



Competitive cost of kWh less with that from fossil fuels

(Ten years < € 0.012 / kWh average plant)

Higher conversion of energy in comparison to the exposed surface of flat solar panels or evacuated tube.

With the solar tracker integrated highest efficiency capture solar energy.

Extended working temperature from 40 ° up to 250 ° C

Precise temperature modulation, manageable as a boiler

Reduced maintenance and no risk of overheating

Materials and components of the Solar Wing EVO

  1.  Stainless steel receiver tube coated with high solar absorber coating F-Ox (patent pending)
  2.  High solar transmittance borosilicate glass envelope
  3.  Aluminum mirror with protective coating
  4.  Extruded polycarbonate honeycomb parabola
  5.  Mono axial high precision tracking system
  6.  Electric linear actuator
  7.  Extruded aluminum frame
  8.  Control system (fully automatic, on/off, sun tracking, safety defocusing, remote control and data logger
  9.  Solar station (sun radiation, wind speed, outdoor temperature)